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Free Religious Mothers Day Messages to Write in Greeting Cards, Facebook status or text SMS.

Good and perfect gifts come from God and free religious Mother's Day messages help you to celebrate the gift of motherhood. You can pray for beautiful things in the life of every mother you know and express your desires for them in a thoughtful card that you design. Add our free religious Mother's Day wishes to encourage mothers and their children as they grow together in the love of God. God's messages to mothers are important and our religious Mother's Day messages ensure that these continue to guide and encourage mothers as they nurture their children.


  • Because kids can always use an extra hug, an extra smile, some extra help growing. God made people just like you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Bless You, Grandma. Bless the grandma who’s made life good and there all along. Whose one concern has always to keep her family strong. Whose prayers for us have shown us what real love is all about. Bless the grandma our lives would never be the same without! Grandma, you’re the center of this family. You uplift us with your smiles, warm us with your hugs, and bless us with your prayers. And today, we hope you feel the love coming from every’ heart love that only you could inspire. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • A Mother’s Day Blessing. May your Mother’s Day and every day be blessed with as much love as you always show to others.

  • Blessings On Mother’s Day. God sent the sunshine of His love to lighten your heart and brighten your day. What a nice opportunity to wish you a Mother’s Day that is blessed, and may God’s love always fill your heart. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • God made you so loving. You’ve made us all so thankful. You are definitely the woman people are talking about when they say someone is a good-hearted soul. I can’t count the times you’ve set aside your own cares to tend to the needs of others. That’s why I hope you’ll allow yourself this time to rest, relax, and appreciated. Today is the day to feel all that love coming right back to you. Enjoy Your Mother’s Day.

  • God bless the woman who makes her presence felt a strong woman with a gentle hug, a busy woman with a friendly, helpful spirit, a senous woman with the kind of bright outlook that brings sunshine to the rainiest day. God bless the woman with as many talents as there are jobs for her to do. God bless a woman like you! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Mothers do angels’ work every day. Bless you for all you do and all the ways you care. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • A Mother’s Day Blessing. May God bless you this May, when the flowers are in bloom, when the blossoms on the hillsides fill the air with sweet perfume, when all the birds are singing, when the sun shines bright above at Mother’s Day and always. God bless you!

  • I’m Thinking of You. The longer we enjoy the gifts of life that God has given. The more each day reveals to us the happiness of heaven. I’m thinking of you on Mother’s Day and hoping your life will be blessed with the loving gifts of God that will make each day truly special. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Happy Mother’s Day. I thank the Lord for you you’re one of His very best works!

  • Thank God for you. You are a lovely presence in this world. Have a Nice Mother’s Day.

  • God bless you, God love you, God keep you always. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Whenever I want to see God’s love, I just look into my mother’s face. God’s love really is reflected in so many things you do. You reassure, comfort, and reach out to help whenever help is needed. May your special day be touched with joy, because you have touched so many with your kindness. Happy Mother’s Day.

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