Mothers Day Messages
Best Wishes for Mom

What to write in a Mother's Day greeting cards, Facebook status or text SMS?

Many people of all ages wonder what to write in a Mother's Day card for a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or friend. They want to express their good wishes for that person, by using words that show their love.

Are you having trouble of trying to send a thoughtful message to your mother on Mother's Day? Here, we give out free Mother's Days Messages that you can choose to appreciate your mother and to admire her. It's time to thank her with a heartfelt message and to value one of the greatest gifts we can receive in our lives.

For Mom, Mother, Mommy Card Messages

For Mom, Mother, Mommy

Mother's Day messages for mom tell her that for all the time you've known her, she's made your life more wonderful with everything that she has given to you.

For Wife Card Messages

For Wife

Giving her a loving card which contains Mother's Day messages for wife will let her know much you love her and how much you respect her as a mother and your life partner.

For Stepmom Stepmother Card Messages

For Stepmom Stepmother

Our free Mother's Day messages for stepmom will let her know how much you and your siblings have grown to depend on her guidance, wisdom and support over the time that you have been blessed to have her in your lives.

For Mother In Law Card Messages

For Mother In Law

When you get married, you gain another mom and our Mother's Day messages for Mother-in-law will help her to feel special, you can help her to continue being glad that her son or daughter married someone who is so full of love.

For Anyone Card Messages

For Anyone

Mother's Day messages add a special touch to your cards, gift and other tokens of appreciation. You can use our messages to create a special handmade card for your mom.

For Aunt Card Messages

For Aunt

Your aunt is an important part of your life, offering words of guidance when you need it and celebrating your accomplishments. Mother's Day messages for aunt let her know that she is treasured and will bring a smile to her face on this important day.

For Daughter Card Messages

For Daughter

Our Mother's Day messages for daughter affirm that she has her own experiences and knowledge but that you will always be there for her whenever she needs you, let her know that you are proud of her.

For Daughter-in-Law Card Messages

For Daughter-in-Law

You can include our Mother's Day messages for daughter-in-law in a card tells her how much you love her for who she is and that you're glad she's a part of your family.

For Sister Card Messages

For Sister

Free Mother's Day messages for sister let her know that you respect her as a mother and that she is loved more than she knows as a sister. parent and friend.

For New Mother Card Messages

For New Mother

Mother's Day messages for new mother celebrate the new person who has been added to your family. You can use our messages to create a touching card that boosts her confidence in guiding her little one.

For Grandma, Grandmother Card Messages

For Grandma, Grandmother

When you're blessed with a grandma, you have someone whom you can admire, love and respect. Free Mother's Day messages for grandma help you to communicate your affection through a personalized card that will make her day.

For Godmother Card Messages

For Godmother

Our Mother's Day messages for godmother help you to show her how much she means to you. A godmother helps to make every day brighter, with her words of encouragement and support.

For Niece Card Messages

For Niece

Giving a card with one of the Mother's Day messages for niece will bring additional happiness to her day. She will enjoy knowing that you love her and are always there for her and the rest of your family.

From Son or Daughter Card Messages

From Son or Daughter

Mother's Day messages from son or daughter let you shower mom with affection. You treasure her and want her to know how much you appreciate all that she has done for you since the day that you entered the world.

For Friend Card Messages

For Friend

Free Mother's Day messages for friend celebrate someone who is like a part of your family and show them how much you respect all that they do. You think of her as a special mom and a wonderful friend and our messages tell her how much you care.

For Granddaughter Card Messages

For Granddaughter

The blessing of seeing your granddaughter grow into an adult and become a mother is a unique one. Our free Mother's Day messages for granddaughter let her know how glad you are to be around to see all that she has become.

Religious Card Messages


Add our free religious Mother's Day wishes to encourage mothers and their children as they grow together in the love of God.

Like A Mother Card Messages

Like A Mother

Free Mother's Day messages for someone who is like a mother to you let you express your appreciation for all the support they have given to you through the years.

Across The Miles Card Messages

Across The Miles

Sometimes a mother or someone who is like a mother to us has to travel on business or for other reasons but receiving a heartfelt expression of love will remind them that they are never far from our thoughts.

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