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Free Mothers Day Messages for Mom to Write in Greeting Cards, Facebook status or text SMS.

Mother's Day messages for mom tell her that for all the time you've known her, she's made your life more wonderful with everything that she has given to you. In return, you want to give her as much as you can, while knowing you could never give to replace all that she has given. Free Mother's Day messages for mom can focus on specific things that she has done for you over the years, such as making sure you have a healthy breakfast or showing you how to brush your teeth. You can use our free Mother's Day messages for mom to express all that she means to you.

For Mom, Mother, Mommy

  • If every kid had a mom like you, then every kid would be as lucky as me! (Which is really, really lucky). Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

  • Happy Mother’s Day from "the good one." Just kidding. It’s from me.

  • Mom, remember all the stuff you told me when I was a kid? Could you please repeat it? I think I get it now. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • There’s no place like Mom’s because there’s no one like you. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom, My Hero. When I think about all you’ve given and sacrificed, both for our country and our family, I feel extremely proud of the wonderful woman I know and love as my mom.

  • Mom, I hope you know I’ll always need you, always love you, and always be grateful for you.

  • Mom! You sent me off into the world with common sense and a down-to-earth love. You gave me everything I needed to grow and I love you for it, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Mother! You bless our family in wonderful ways. So today is a day to say thank you. You make a beautiful difference. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Mother’s Day is like recess for moms. It’s your day to play. Have Fun!

  • Mom, I planned to send you on an exotic cruise for Mother’s Day. But knew you’d miss me too much. That’s the kind of mom you are. Happy Mother’s Day!

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