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Free Mothers Day Messages for New Mother to Write in Greeting Cards, Facebook status or text SMS.

Mother's Day messages for new mother celebrate the new person who has been added to your family. Mother's Day messages for mother-to-be embrace all the goodness that's wrapped up in your new bundle of joy and bless the new mother with all of your heartfelt wishes. Your expression of support means a lot to the new mom, who now has a new outlook on life. You can use our messages to create a touching card that boosts her confidence in guiding her little one.

For New Mother

  • Get ready for a lot more "awww’ in your life! Happy Soon-to-be-a-Mom Day!

  • Today’s a day to celebrate the new little love who has filled your heart so completely this tiny new life who has made your life whole. Today’s a day to celebrate the wonder of being a mom and the lasting joys that only can bring. Happy 1st Mother’s Day.

  • Being a mom is being introduced to a whole new world. It’s not for the faint of heart or the fond of quiet, but it will wake you up and make you see how much joy is in the littlest silliest moments and how much love your happy heart can hold. Happy 1st Mother’s Day.

  • For the Mom-to-Be. Your love will be a perfect fit! Happy Mother’s Day (a little bit early)

  • To You on Your First Mother’s Day. Wishing you a hug-filled, fun-filled, love-filled day! Wishing special joy to you and to your special "dream come true". Happy First Mother’s Day.

  • For the New Mother. ON HER FIRST MOTHER’S DAY. A baby has a wonderful way of warming your world filling your heat and brightening your life with joy. And on your first Mother’s Day, hope your new baby fills your heart with the same love and joy you’ve always brought to all those who know you. Enjoy Your Special Day.

  • For Daughters First Mother’s Day. Soft and whispered baby sighs, Sweet and gentle lullabies, Oh, what warm contentment lies. In having your first baby. May you feel as much love and happiness on your first Mother’s Day as you’ve brought as a daughter. And may you know the joy that our family feels now that you’re the mother of a very special baby. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • On Your First Mother’s Day. How proud you must be of that sweet little someone who brightens your world with such fun. And what joy you must feel on this Mother’s Day because it’s your very first one! Enjoy Your Special Day!

  • On Your First Mother’s Day. Sleep, little one, to the night’s lullaby under a sparkling, shimmering sky with a kiss from the moon

  • on the top of your head and a bright little star to watch over your bed. Treasure these special baby times of soft lullabies and nursery rhymes. Enjoy them now, for all too soon you’ll find your child reaching for the moon. Happy Mother’s Day

  • FOR THE MOTHER-TO-BE. Brush up on your lullabies! A brand-new little sweetie pie will soon be here. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • How charmed you must be by those sweet little giggles that brighten your world with such fun. And what joy you must feel on this Mother’s Day because its your very first one! Happy First Mother’s Day.

  • For Your Very First Mother’s Day. Today is your first Mother’s Day--how wonderful for you! You must be very happy with your little dream come true! Enjoy Your Special Day.

  • BABY. A new little life, a new world of joy. Happy Mother’s Day To the Mother-to-be.

  • Oh, How I Love My Mommy! There’s no one like my mommy for bringing happy smiles. For stopping what she’s doing to rock me for a while. There’s no one like my mommy for singing lullabies. For hurrying to hold me. There’s no one like my mommy to hug and snuggle me! And though I’m small, my love for her is as big as it can be! Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy, Wth Lots of Love And Baby Kisses!

  • For the Mother-to-be. Just think of all the wonderful times that lie ahead for you! Happy Mother’s Day

  • There’s a special happiness that comes with celebrating your first Mother’s Day. May that happiness fill your heart today!

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