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Free Mothers Day Messages for Godmother to Write in Greeting Cards, Facebook status or text SMS.

Our Mother's Day messages for godmother help you to show her how much she means to you. A godmother helps to make every day brighter, with her words of encouragement and support. She is the one you can rely on to be there for you in all the ways you need and she does it with a willing heart and sense of purpose. She constantly shows interest in you while you are growing up and sending her a card with Mother's Day wishes for godmother helps you to tell her that in a meaningful way.

For Godmother

  • Godmother: Awesome? Yep / Fun? Uh-huh / Lovable? Very / Mine? Oh, yeah, that’s my favorite part! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Godmother. A special Mother’s Day wish because you’re very special.

  • For You, Godmother. Thinking of you because you’re special and wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.

  • You’ve shown what it means to live a life of faith. I’m blessed to have your example. Happy Mother’s Day to my Godmother.

  • It’s a pleasure to remember those who touch our lives with joy. Thinking of you on Mother’s Day and wishing you beautiful moments that flower into favorite memories.

  • For my mom from your daughter. I love you as a mom, I respect you as a woman, and I enjoy you as a friend. Am I the luckiest daughter alive, or what? Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Wishing you showers of flowers this Mother’s Day!

  • Having you for a godmother has been such a blessing. I’ve looked up to you, learned so much from being with you, and always felt close to you. On Mother’s Day, I just want to tell you again how much love and appreciate you. Having you in my life has made all the difference. Have a Beautiful Mother’s Day.

  • Godmother. There’s something special about everything we do together, even when it’s nothing special. I’m glad you’re my very own godmother. Thanks for being so nice. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Godmother, when you got asked to be someone special to me, you said okay and I’m really, really glad you did. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I’m glad I have you to help me to see how loving and wonderful God is to me to teach me His word, to help my faith grow, and point my small feet in the paths they should go. Happy Mother’s Day With Love.

  • For a Special Godmother. May your Mother’s Day be peaceful in all the ways that bring you contentment. May it be beautiful in all the ways that bring you joy.

  • I don’t need a fairy godmother. I’ve got you. Happy Mother’s Day

  • For a Wonderful Granddaughter with pride for all you’ve been, with joy for all you are, with for all you’ll be, and with love for always. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • For My Godmother. No matter how you spend your day hope it’s fun in every way! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • For My Godmother. Wishing you a Mother’s Day blooming with happiness.

  • For My Godmother. Happy Mothers Day. Your thoughtfulness has always meant so much to me. On Mother’s Day, I’ll be thanking the Lord that have you in my life.

  • God Gave Me A Special Godmother. God blessed my world with many nice things like lightning bugs and butterfly wings, puppy dog kisses and kites on long strings, but He blessed me best with a godmother like you. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • For My Godmother. Every time you have a kind and gentle word to give, you help someone find beauty in this precious life we live. Because you’re a special godmother, so loving and so dear. You’re wished life’s greatest blessings every day throughout the year. Happy Mother’s Day. Happiness Always.

  • For a Special Godmother ON MOTHERS DAY. There’s no nicer day for sending love and warm remembrance, too, and no one’s nicer to remember than a special godmother like you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Godmother, if God blesses you as much as I asked Him to you’re going to have a really Happy Mother’s Day!

  • For Godmother. I’m sure glad that Mom and Dad picked you out for me, cause you’re the sweetest godmother. There could ever be! Happy Mother’s Day.

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