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Free Mothers Day Messages for Daughter to Write in Greeting Cards, Facebook status or text SMS.

As you watch your daughter grow from a child to an adult, myriad thoughts may pass through your mind. You can celebrate the joy she has as she brings new life into the world, showing respect for her as a woman and mother. Our Mother's Day messages for daughter affirm that she has her own experiences and knowledge but that you will always be there for her whenever she needs you. Free Mother's Day messages for daughter let her know that you are proud of her for the positive influence that she continues to be in the lives of her children.

For Daughter

  • Daughter. We love that you fill your life with hope. We love that you fill your family with love. And most of all, we love, love, love you. Happy Mother's Day.

  • Happy Mother’s Day. This is just to let you know I’m wishing you good things in every part of your life and I’m so glad you’re still a part of mine.

  • Daughter. You deserve a Mother’s Day filled with lovely things. A beautiful day just like you.

  • She’s caring and witty, hardworking and smart, thoughtful and fun with a big, loving heart. What makes her a wonderful mom and great daughter? Well, that’s a no-brainer. Just look at who taught her! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • To My Daughter With Love. Having you as a daughter is one of the most important things in my life. I’ve watched you your own special person, and that’s made me feel so proud. You manage a home and family on top of all your other responsibilities, and you bring your own touch to everything you do. You and your family mean the world to me and I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Daughter. I wish that for just one day you could see yourself through my eyes. If you did, you’d see an amazing woman who has so much to offer and chooses to offer it to her family a woman of extraordinary strength and unstoppable love. You’d see a woman who I’m proud to call my daughter, and whose kids are lucky to call "mom". Because that’s what I see every single day in you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Daughter. Do you know what a great mom you are? You have an endless supppy of patience, energy and, above all, love. You pour your whole heart and self into being a mom and it shows.

  • To My Daughter. I hope your Mother’s Day is as full of happiness as the love we share as mother and daughter and friends.

  • Daughter. What great memories come back to me just watching you as a mother. And I want you to know that as a parent and grandparent, I couldn’t more proud.

  • Dear Daughter. I’m not surprised that being a good mother comes naturally to you. Your gentle hands have always been guided by your loving heart. Your enthusiasm for life has matured into a woman’s wisdom. And your generosity toward others has grown into a mother’s devotion. But why should I be surprised? You’re juts a natural at what a mother should be.

  • For a Sweet Daughter. It’s Mother’s Day! Lounge a little, feel loved a lot!

  • Daughter. Seems like it was yesterday when I first held you in my arms and wondered what the future held for you. The years have been filled with blessings especially watching you raise a family of your own. You’re doing an incredible job as a mom. And I see the same sense of purpose and tenderness in your eyes that I felt for you from the very beginning and always will. HAPPY Mother’s DAY.

  • Daughter, then and now, you’ve been a blessing and a source of such pride. That’s why it’s easy to wish you the same kind of happiness you’ve brought through the years, the same kind of love to fill your heart. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Daughter! We might not have been perfect parents, but.. Oh, what are we saying? Of course we were! Look how perfectly you turned out.

  • Daughter, with each stage of your life, you grow more precious. There is so much to appreciate with a daughter like you. You were a wonderful little girl, and you’ve grown up so beautifully. You’ve become a wonderful person and friend, and I love you with all my heart. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • You’re a Wonderful Daughter. Those early years went by in a flash. There’s so much I want to teach you, so many more little moments I’d like to have back yet, when I look at you, it’s clear you are exactly who you’re supposed to be. A strong, beautiful woman and mother, the daughter I’ll always love. Happy Mother’s Day

  • Daughter, I can’t tell you how much it means to have the kind of relationship we do to know that you feel free to confide in me that you value my opinion and think of me as a friend. I’ve always hoped it would be this way. And I hope with each year, we’ll grow closer still for you’re such a lovable daughter, a loving mother, and you bring so much joy and fulfillment to my life.

  • My Daughter. I may not always say it, but I want you to know how much it means to have a caring daughter who’s also a great mother. It’s so easy to be proud of you, and you’re loved more with every year. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • For Daughter on Mother’s Day. May your joys will be simple, sweet, and many just like the smiles you bring your family.

  • Daughter, it takes a very talented and loving person to handle all the things you do. In your busy life, you’re many things to lots of people, but to our family, you’ll always be very special and very loved. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • MOTHER, DAUGHTER. Silly me. Sometimes I worry that I gave you too little of this or too much of that when you were younger. Just part of being a mom, I guess. But then I stop and look at you at your family. I think I must have done something right. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • We have such a good relationship, it’s a warm and comfortable thing. It’s great to have our honest talks and hear the perspective you bring. Your kind and supportive nature makes an easy closeness for us. Being proud of a daughter is wonderful- being friends is a definite plus.Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Wishing you moments of sharing and laughter and good times that last all day through. Happy Mother’s Day

  • Like lovely flowers that brighten the world and bring joy to all who see them, having you for a daughter makes life beautiful and brings happiness to those who love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • The joy of watching you grow into motherhood has been such a blessing and seeing you with your own children brings more pride than you could know. Happy Mother’s Day With Love!

  • There is laughter, love, fun, gentleness, faith, and encouragement anywhere God puts a daughter like you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Thinking back over the years, it’s easy to feel sentimental about the little girl you once were but it’s just as touching to feel proud of the remarkable woman and mother that you are. Happy Mothers Day.

  • Daughter. You’re a Wonderful Mother. How did it happen? One moment, you were this little girl dancing through the house without a worry in the world. And then I turned around for just a second and you became the wonderful, nurturing woman you are today. It hardly seems possible. All I can say is, motherhood becomes you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Daughter. Motherness is a singular joy in harmony with the beating of your heart, an ache when your child is troubled, an exhilaration when your child is happy. It rejoices with each new height of your child’s becoming, and it fills your soul with humble gratitude. Motherness a beloved gift forever. On Mother’s Day, as you celebrate the joy motherhood brings, I will be celebrating you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • For Daughter With So Much Love and Pride. You’re a thoughtful daughter who’s busy every day, with people who depend on you and many roles to play. But even so, you find the time for friends and family, giving them the best you can with warmth and honesty. That’s why it brings more loving pride than these few words can tell to see you do so much in life and do it all so well! Happy Mother’s Day.

  • For a Wonderful Daughter. It’s wonderful having a daughter like you, and this comes to bring you all the love that you deserve so much on Mother’s Day.

  • For a Wonderful Daughter ON MOTHERS DAY. You’ve been such a wonderful daughter that the best Mother’s Day wish for you is simple, may your family bring as much joy to your life as you have brought to ours.

  • To a Daughter Who Is Cherished WITH LOVE ON MOTHERS DAY. For all the times you’ve brightened with your smile for all the ways you’ve been so thoughtful, for all the love you’ve shared so sweetly. Happy Mother’s Day to a very special daughter.

  • Daughter. On Mother’s Day and always, may you be surrounded by all the joy and beauty life has to offer.

  • From Your Mom ON MOTHERS DAY. You’ve always been my joy. Ever since I first held the bundle of you close to my heart, you’ve brought so much happiness. I love being your mom. And it means so much to know that you’ll forever be my pride, my joy, my child.

  • To a Great Daughter FOR MOTHERS DAY. It’s not surprising you turned out to be a fabulous mother. You DID train with one of the all-time greats!

  • For a Special Daughter ON MOTHERS DAY. Your childhood years went by so fast. In no time you were grown, and now you are a mother with a family of your own. Here’s hoping, as a mother, you’ll see many dreams come true and find the love and happiness that was always found in you.

  • Having you as a daughter is one of the most important things in my life. I’ve watched you become your own special person, and that’s made me feel proud. I especially admire the way you manage a home and family on top of all your other responsibilities and you bring your own touch to every-thing you do. You and your family mean the world to me and I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • For a Special Daughter "Thank Heaven For Daughters Like You!". Thank heaven for daughters with sweet, caring ways, who bring so much pleasure to everyone’s days. Who think of such thoughtful and nice things to do. Thank heaven for daughters as lovely as you! Happy Mother’s Day! Happiness Always!

  • For My Daughter. The joy of watching you grow into motherhood has been such a blessing, and seeing you with your own children brings more pride than you could know. God bless you on Mothers Day and always.

  • For my Daughter who’s a mother, too. I wish you moments to enjoy the things your children do and memories to warm your heart when each day’s fun is through. I wish you smiles, discovering life’s simple joys anew those special, happy "mother times" I’ve known because of you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • You’re a wonderful daughter, mother, and friend and especially on Mother’s Day, I wanted you to know how proud I am of you and how very much you’re loved.

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